Gameplay Journal Entry #10

I would not consider myself super informed on any major social or political issues, so I am creating concepts that might seem a bit more open ended. One of my ideas is based on misunderstanding and lack of communication skills and how difficult it is to get a message across to someone, which would incorporate a text system with topics to discuss in a limited amount of words. The more complex a topic is, the less words you will be allowed to use to describe or give an opinion on it. Another idea is an escape room type game, where you are a cat or dog locked inside a cage and need to get out, causing destruction as a weird solution to opening it. The value expressed with this idea is mostly just that its very distressing to animals being locked up for too long, such as zoos or waiting to be adopted from a shelter.

My last idea is probably the most serious message, which is the topic of mental illness, but I don't quite know how to accurately express this value in a way that makes sense and does not offend anyone. Some ideas I have for this is depicting the game in a creepy horror type style, the gameplay wouldn't be too intense and more of a visual novel with a few special interactions with objects. Another idea I had for this topic would focus more on narration and dialogue with characters and decision making that influences the storyline, and would be a more realistic style.